Three becomes Four


A warm welcome to Jordan Spowart as our 4th member. Jordan adds a wealth of talent as well as improving the aesthetics of our band! His time with us as a session musician has always been a pleasure which is why we have extended the invitation to Jordan which he has happily accepted.

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No Good for Me - Looking for Liam


Take three young souls with a hunger to make music, add a fourth along the way, and give them the broadest landscape of rock music to create and hone their own distinct sound from, and you have Looking For Liam.

That is the simple but potent premise behind a quartet from Essex in the UK poised to breach the strongest and most eager spotlights over the coming months. From the simple seed of one 14 year old looking on Join My Band website, Looking For Liam emerged in October 2010 as a trio of similarly aged and openly talented musicians swiftly sculpting a sound to brag attention. Musically they are generally labelled as alternative rock but the reality is that the width and depth of their sound transcends a wealth of styles and flavours. From day one it has become increasingly inventive, being perpetually honed as the band played numerous local Battle of the Bands events that first year.

2011 saw the band take the next step forward, shows around the capital increasing attention and the reputation of the band whilst the release of their debut EP helped lure the attention of BBC Introducing who exposed them to their radio listeners. The next three years saw the appetite and passion of Looking For Liam turn them into one of the hardest working propositions as they continued to build on their successes and look towards their first album.

Fronted by the warm and soulful tones of vocalist Tom Harper-Ward, a man just as evocative in his guitar and keyboard craft, and rhythmically imposing yet equally adept at simply seducing the senses through the bass enchantment of Sam House and the scything beats of drummer Charlie Townsend, Looking For Liam create a colourful web of textures and emotive persuasion. It is a sound already breeding songs to turn heads and capture eager appetites.

Pushing to make 2015 their most successful year yet, Looking For Liam has already got it off to a potent beginning. Following-up the release of demos of new songs at the end of last year, the band has recruited a fourth member in the highly creative shape of second guitarist Jordan Spowart, had the track “Oblique” featured on BBC Introducing Essex, and been interviewed by Sophie K from TeamRock Radio.

Shortly things will hot up again with the release of new track Take What You Need, a song which roars with passion and adventure whilst atmospherically immersing the listener in a climate of emotional intimacy. It is a song as voracious as it is charming, a potent look into the heart of the band’s debut album due later in the year.

The energy around and within the band is rising and it is fair to say it is only the start…

Tom Harper-Ward

Lead Vocal/Guitar/Keyboards
Front man, with an elegant touch to song writing that defines that band’s unique idendity. Multi-instrumental talent with a soulful tone to his voice.



Jordan Spowart

Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals
On lead, Jordan takes his guitar solos to new levels. Inspired by some of the world’s guitar greats, the influences are obvious in his dedication to the band.


Sam House

Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Half of the rhythm section, learnt the bass out of necessity, mastered to a tee. Student of musicianship, carrier of tolerable backing vocals.



Drums/Backing Vocals
Lyricist, drummer & unofficial spokesperson. Perfectionist to a fault of his craft and equally as tolerable in the backing vocals arena.



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